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Toby Goodman


Toby Goodman

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Who Am I?


Who Am I?

 Musician (Drums / Percussion), Teacher and Business Consultant

We're all far more than the sum of our parts. To give you an insight into who I am, and more importantly, what I can do for you... I've removed the self congratulatory padding you'll find on most 'about 'ME' web pages. 

Here's some context and a snapshot of where I am today. 

During the last 2.5 years, I've learned more than in the previous 10 years, thanks to... fatherhood, an ambitious business partner a great coach and some amazing clients. 

  • Personally I Am...

• Motivated by family. 

• Connected to music in a way that is impossible to describe...

• Always studying something that I can implement. 

• Connected to music in a way that is impossible to describe - (even though I pride myself on being good at copy).

• A fan of non-alcoholic beer! (I only found this out a few months ago... judge me if you wish).

• A lover of podcasts... Not a day goes by without having Marc Maron, Frank Skinner or This American Life in my ears.

• A big fan of travelling. I love the energy of London and the tranquility of Norway! I also lived in Germany for a while.

  • Professionally I Am...

• A teacher, who helps motivated performers maximise their potential.

• Driven to help outstanding businesses.

• Someone who believes that valuable content is the best way of creating ethical, sustained and successful business relationships.

• A consultant to businesses who specialise in luxury brands, education and music instrument manufacture. 

• A drummer and percussionist, inspired to create great feelings on stage and off it. (Here's where parallels between business teams and prospects exist).

  • Professionally I Have...

• Failed at various ventures, mainly by being constrained by my own self-limiting beliefs.

• Created a global events company with my partner James that is truly unique, brilliant and constantly evolving.

• Led the development of the a new media system enabling business to get their message out to their existing customers and ideal prospects.

• Developed websites and marketing strategy including producing podcasts for various businesses.

• Supported and advised businesses in the retail and charity sectors.

• Scored my first business consultancy client in 2015.

• Been hired to perform with some of the greatest musicians in the world. Check out my 'Performed With' page.

• Taught at degree and post graduate levels.

• Support from the finest instrument manufacturers in the world. Check out my 'Affiliated To' page.

• Published articles on various aspects of performance and performance psychology in music print publications.

• Worked in over 25 countries among a diverse range of people.

• Surrounded myself with an incredible team of bright people who help me deliver.

  • Right now I'm currently focussed on 4  things...

• Working with small and medium sized businesses who serve musicians. Check Out 'The Business of Music'.

• Making Metropolis the most enjoyable cover band. Discover Metropolis Bands

• Continuing to support outstanding musicians and creatives develop sustainable careers. 

• Playing the drums! 

Say Hello: toby@tobygoodmanmusic.com | toby@metropolis-live.co.uk

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