Essential Percussion For Drummers Overview & Application

In this 4 week course I'll show you the essential techniques enabling you to play the most commonly used percussion instruments in popular music with confidence.

This is NOT for you if you are look for information about specific 'latin' music styles. However, many of the techniques taught will help you if you choose to explore latin music later on.

You will have much more confidence recording additional percussion or playing percussion parts where a full kit isn't appropriate (thus making you more employable).

I will also cover how some of these instruments can be incorporated within basic drum grooves, so you can add colour to your playing.

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Find out if this Course is Right For You.

• You are an ambitious drummer who is working as a professional musician or aspiring to being one.

• You are a intermediate - advanced player and you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of drumming.

• You enjoy helping others learn and want to be an active part of this small group of players.

• You are keen to share your learning experiences with other drummers in similar situations


• You have a fair understanding of basic drum set music notation and rhythms.

• You are playing at least twice a month with other musicians.


• You teach or aspire to teach.

About Toby

• Worked as a professional drummer and percussionist all over the world for over 15 years. 

• Played with artists including Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Beverley Knight, Robin Gibb (Bee Gees)...

• Held Drum and Percussion chairs on musical theatre shows on tour and in London's West End.

• Held position on faculty and module writer / leader on various Degree Courses at a prestigious music school in London for over 5 years.

• Held masterclasses at other major higher / further education establishments.

• Consultant to various recording studios and instrument manufacturers.

• Endorsed by: Sonor, Meinl, Paiste, Vic Firth, Roland, Protection Racket, Porter & Davies.

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What You Get For Being A Phase 1 Beta Tester

• 4 Sessions (minimum 1hr) Over 4 Weeks Online covering at least...

Tambourine | Shaker | Guiro | Triangle | Congas | Bongos

(Sessions Are Recorded If You Can't Make The Live Session). • Live Lessons and Q&A sessions on Go To Webinar

• Downloadable videos

• PDF Lesson Notes for each Module

• PDF Practice Log For Each Session

• Private Facebook Group For Beta Testers - I will respond to your feedback and answer any questions. This is a place you can also share your progress and be accountable to each other for making progress. 

• Exclusive Offers

• Money Back Guarantee Stands For Up To 24 Hours After 1st Session


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