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Drummer | Percussionist | Music Business Person

Want Great Sounding Live Drum & Percussion Tracks for Your Music?

At my purpose built studio, I have access to more drums / cymbals / percussion... than I could ever fit into a van. 

Working this way means that the cost to you is considerably less than hiring a studio, paying porterage (transport fees), hiring a drummer and a separate percussionist.. not to mention enduring setup time!

Send me an email and together we'll work out your specific requirements.

Remember! The more info you give me, the better chance I have of getting you the best possible result.

You may be able to 'produce me' live on Skype, or even come over and produce the session in person.

After the session I will  email you a mixed Mp3 of the drum and percussion takes for your approval. If needed, we will then discuss any amends. Only when you're happy will I send you an invoice over PayPal.


I can help you if your project needs additional musicians eg. Bass Players, Pianists etc.

I use Logic, Focusrite Preamps & Audix Mics with a Mac. I'm proud to endorse products on my AFFILIATED TO page.

Playing perc @ Strongroom.JPG