• I Work Regularly With Professional Players And Am Looking To Work Professionally. Can You Help?

Yes, absolutely. The transition into the professional world can be challenging. I’ll help you to identify and plan your next steps, whilst keeping your other employment doors open. 


• I Have Recently Started My Journey As A Professional Musician / Music Teaching And I’m Unsure Of What Is Possible For Me. Can You Help?

Yes! Though you may now be surrounded by musicians and teachers who believe it’s as good as it gets, I can help you plan ways to progress.


• I’ve Been Working A While Now, But I’m Not Earning As Much As I’d Like To Be. Can You Help?

Yes! Musicians are constantly ripped off by people telling them how lucky they are to be doing something they love. The common misconception is that you’re either a struggling creative, you’re a mercenary or maybe world famous! There are ways you can earn a decent living by employing strategies that will balance your spiritual and financial books! 


• I’m Confident That My Playing Is At A Higher Level Than Others I’m Booked To Work With. Can You Help?

Yes! We can work together to find out how you can get to the next level. Once we’ve identified you’re steps. I’ll give you the tools to implement. 


• I’m Hoping To Get Into A Music College / Institution. Can You Help Me With My Prep / Audition Technique?

Yes! As someone who has teaches at under, and post graduate levels, I know what institutions are looking for. Regardless of what you play, I can help you with your audition / interview techniques. If you play drums / latin percussion, I can also help you with the technical side of your application / audition.   


• I’m Currently Studying Music At A Music College / University / Institution, And I’m Concerned That I’m Not Getting The Most Out Of It. Can You Help?

Yes! I totally get that and regularly see the frustrations of people who feel they are not being challenged enough or that they are falling behind. If you’re priority is to finish your course knowing how you can get to work asap, get in touch. 


• I Want To Get Started. How Do You Deliver Your Sessions?

Sessions can take place over Skype or face to face and typically last between 1 and 2 hours. 


• How Much Do Your Sessions Cost?

My main concern is providing you with a package that will fit you perfectly. Just drop me a line and we can book in your free strategy session.


• How Available Are You?

Due to my own playing and business commitments, places are strictly limited.