Welcome to 'The Business of Music' Members Area

Everything we do in business can be divided into 3 basic areas: Creating, Marketing and Delivering. 

In each area of the site, you will find various tools, strategies and concepts that will support the work you are doing with me and keep you moving. 

Start here. Tons of productivity and useful stuff to get you started. 

Fully articulating WHO it is you are selling to is a step that pays off big time and I show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Once you know who you should be speaking to I’ll show you ways of creating and framing what you do so it speak to them.

Selling stuff… if you can’t do that, bills don’t get paid and no-one teaches selling at Music college, so in here are a load of videos to help you in different situations you find yourself in.

You can’t escape it. My aim with this stuff is to make sure you are using it, not the opposite. 

It’s important to have a website that speaks to the people you help, not one that will make your mum all proud (though that’s no bad thing).

Delivering you stuff, starts way before the show or the lesson and continues long after it. 

Got a Squarespace site? Some help in here.

In this area I upload things that I have found useful along the way.