Don't Put Their CV on Your CV

(Transcript from Live Video).

I put a really quick (facebook) post up the other day that said “don’t put my cv on your cv”. What I mean by that is I was looking at a few things.

I was looking at a college website where they were talking about the drum teachers that they had.

And the biog of that drum teacher said,

“This person is very passionate about what they do” and then said “... and has studied with teachers including (the name of the teacher)”.

And then in brackets, the name of the artists and bands that that teacher had worked with. And then he listed the next teacher, with the same thing; and the next teacher with the same thing; which is a little ridiculous. 

I’ve studied with Steve Gadd. Do you know what I mean? What’s the point in doing that? It makes me want to go search out and get lessons or book the guy that you’ve studied with, because I can see they’ve got massive credibility where you haven’t. 


NB: That said... If I HAD studied with Steve Gadd... I'm sure I'd mention it. But I wouldn't go on to list all the names on his CV.


So if you haven’t done any kind of named gigs, [or whatever], that’s OK. If you’re a great teacher, that’s OK. Surely, there are other things you can write about yourself that could make me want to learn with you, if I’m a student or make me want to book you if I’m a drummer… or a “band leader”, or a guitar player, or a singer. 


So, rather than just putting someone else’s cv on your cv, (in this case it was in a particularly ridiculous context)

Rather than doing that, what lovely things do people that you play with right now say about your playing?

That’s probably more interesting for me to read than who you’ve studied with and who the people you’ve studied with have played with. 


So think about that. I see that ALL the time, Just a little tip. 




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Toby Goodman