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Simon Edgoose was one of my first coaching clients.

The task? To get him online!

His site, was born out of Simon's brilliant ability to help drummers with their electronic drums.

The website is full of really high-value free stuff for drummers at various stages of their playing journey.

It includes free downloads, recommendations, and some cool articles.

The real jewel in the crown though has to be his podcast, featuring some of the hardest working players around who sit at the coal face of dealing with tech and drums.

The first few episodes feature me, in conversation with Simon playing devil's advocate whilst establishing a basic understanding of the various elements of 'edrums'.

From there Simon moves on to interview, Jon Atkinson, Tom Meadows and most recently Matt Whittington about the very different ways they use electronics in their working lives. 

I'm really knocked out by how great these interviews are, and how useful they are to players of all levels who are interested in this stuff.

You can find and subscribe to the edruminfo podcast on iTunes and find also links and show notes over on the website.

If you're interested in finding out how Podcasting the right way will help position you as the go-to person in your field of expertise, or area of interest, do drop me a line.



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