People Buy From People. As a music professional  you will already know the power of inspiring people. Now lets dig into how to use your unique voice to create something people will want to buy.

Your Value Proposition

Having a unique value proposition means to immediately STAND OUT in the market, or in some cases create a whole new choice.
Seth Godin categorised freelancers into 5 groups. Check the video out to decide where you are. Perhaps you are in different places depending on what work you are doing on the day.
If being unmistakable is important to you, what will you need to do?

Low Cost / High Value

What can you or do you already provide that is of low cost to you  yet perceived as high value to others? Are you doing this already but simply not explaining it clearly enough.
Check out the video below and hang around for a few non-music image examples of this stuff at the end. 

Virtual Assistants

Just because you are self employed, doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself. Hiring VA's is a strange experience but so longs as you follow a few basic rules you'll get more done that you ever imagined possible.

... More 'How To' VA videos coming soon.

Service vs. Product

Service is human / Product scales.
What is the best of both worlds?

ASK First.

If you're not 100% sure how to frame what you have, this method is really good. Please make sure you have a clear understanding of WHO you are serving before digging into this stuff.
Everyone's favourite subject is themselves.
This strategy by a chap called Ryan Levesque, outlines why his ASK method is so effective.



Someone once said - Most people are walking around, umbilical cord in hand, looking for someone to plug into!
Make sure you do a 'Why Stack' for YOU (video in 'Find Your People' section) so that you get the kind of people you like being around plugging in!