You have the skills to help lots of people, but it doesn't mean you should!
Why? Because some people, no matter much you'd like them to... can't afford you. And.. you can't afford to invest your time with them.

In business and life there are 2 commodities.

Time & Money.

The wealthy save time. The poor save money.  

The wealthier you are the more you are prepared to spend cash to buy yourself some time. 

The wealthy (and older people) are acutely aware they can NEVER make time back. 

The videos and attachments below will show you how you can qualify your customers. Rather than auditioning for them. You want them to audition for you.

Here are some rules to live by. 

  1. You are not your ideal customer.
  2. Enter the conversation that's already going on in their head.

The 2 tools with some examples, will help you identify who your ideal customers are.

Two more very important questions...

  1. Do you like them?
  2. Can they pay?

The 'Why' Stack

Discover their 'why' and yours at the same time! 


Once your suspect has turned into what you believe is a good prospect use Andre Chaperone's Empathy Map. It digs a little deeper than the 'Why Stack'.

Andre Chaperon's Empathy Map