Welcome & Productivity

The videos below explain how to use the members area of tBoM and also contain some of my favourite productivity and strategic tools. 

Check this stuff out and you'll be more effective, save time and stay out of your own way.

Focus Sheet.

No more catch up on 1-2-1 sessions.

Create Simple Feedback Videos For Internal Use

You can use Quicktime in 3 different ways to quickly communicate with me, or with people you are already working with. These are not 'customer facing', you'll find more about that stuff in other sections of the site.

The Ultimate 'To-Do' List.
Get a white board and get started.

How To Get Rid of (almost all) Email!

If you're a 1-2-1 client, you'll know that I only communicate via Slack. If you're not - here's what it is and here's why you need it for all your projects.

THE SCORECARD | How Valuable Was Your Day?


The Danger of Potential
Todd Herman is a big deal for professional athletes. He makes them do crazy things like go to improv classes, to get rid of stage fright, so that they can get out of their own way and earn their place on the podium.
Here he is talking about why 'Potential' is banned in anything he does.
What do you think?
By the way - If you want to work with him, it's 100k per year with a minimum commitment of 2 years.. but he's normally not available.