Why Essential Percussion?


I get paid to hang out with drummers (my friends) because I play percussion... and in many cases, have become their obvious number one deputy when they get another gig, get sick, elope, go to prison (yes all of those things have happened).

DRUMMERS! If you really want to give yourself the best chance of being in demand and working consistently (for money), you owe it to yourself to get this stuff together.

If you are out there playing now, this will be simple for you. Most musicians you want to work with CAN'T STAND those 'super chops' you're working on. And guess what? These simple techniques will take you much less time to get together and will pay you back.

Having this knowledge puts you ahead of all the players who dismiss percussion as easy, or a joke. You won't believe the amount of amazing drummers who can't play a tambourine in time for 4 bars, let alone a whole song (maybe you are one).

Love playing music with people, and travelling? Who doesn't? 

Learning this makes you a better (and more useful) Drummer, and that, gives you a better chance of making it happen.  

It's no secret that major recording studios are closing all the time and there's less and less studio work around.

So it only leaves the most desirable players left. How to make yourself more desirable? Tool up!

It's a simple case of economics. It's quicker for 1 player to overdub some perc parts on a kit session AND it's saves the artist and labels expensive studio time. Not to mention you get more chance of work eg: the acoustic radio session, where full drum kit isn't appropriate... and others would be left at home. 

...is an online video course or can be booked as an in person masterclass

This is the result of my experience of 15+ years as a touring and recording player PLUS over 5 years teaching and writing as a faculty member at a top London music institution. 

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